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Due to the huge popularity
of the Corvair cowl steering
adapter please allow 2
weeks for delivery Note:
this adapter comes in raw
Cowl Steering Adapter for the Corvair Steering box - This adapter bolts directly to the corvair steering box output shaft Comes complete with output shaft adapter, extension shaft and bolts and straight pitman arm. The extension shaft is 10 1/2 inches from the mounting plate to the inside of the pitman arm. You can easily "cut down" the extension shaft to your desired length prior to final welding. The pitman arm can then be drilled to accept your heim joint or tie rod end of you choosing. Overall pitman arm length is 8 1/2" and maximum hole to hole drilled is 7". We strongly suggest the use of a support near the cowl exit for the extension shaft (available separately).
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Perfect for multiple carb Strombergs 48's/81's/97's, keeps fuel lines from getting
tangled up with linkage.  Available in aluminum, Single or Double.
Banjo Fittings set up properly eliminates the need for carbs fittings, fuel block(s),
All Banjo Fittings come with neoprene washers, bolt, and solid aluminum housing.
New Banjo Fittings!
CARB FITTING 3/8" BANJO SINGLE New-with 3/8" hose Single banjo fitting New custom made 6061 T-6 3/8" hose barb single banjo fitting Fits all the 97-48-and 81 carbs. These will also work on the rochester or any other carb with 1/2"-20 thread. Makes a perfect job when using rubber or plastic hose. This is a great fitting to use if space for yor lines is limited. Carb not included..
CARB FITTING 3/8" BANJO DOUBLE New-with 3/8" hose Double banjo fitting New custom made 6061 T-6 3/8" hose barb double banjo fitting Fits all the 97-48-and 81 carb fuel inlets (stock needle and seats). Thes will also work with the rochester carbs or any other with 1/2-20 thread. Part has a 32 micron polished finish. Double fitting includes double banjo with banjo bolt and two teflon sealing washers. Makes a perfect job when using rubber or plastic hose. This is a great fitting to use if space for yor lines is limited. Carb not included.
Brand New Reversed Corvair Steering Box. All new componets with nut and washer. These are designed to be used on traditional steering cars and are constructed of steel to ensure durability never available with the original. Painted black. Does not include pitman arm.
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This is our forged 'new design' Corvair pitman arm in zinc coating. It measures approximately 7" end to end, approximately 5-3/8" from the center of the big hole to the center of the small hole. The arm has a side-to-side offset approximately 1-7/8". The small hole fits an early Ford tie rod end and it is half tapered from both sides so that the drag link can be mounted from either side.
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Fuel Inlet Spacer for 48/81/97's or 94's - The cleanest way to plumb your multi carb set-up is to use banjo fittings. These 6061 T-6 aluminum fittings work on any carb with 1/2in-20 inlet threads. The Ford/Holley 94 carburetor will require these spacers when using banjo fuel fittings, which moves the banjo out to clear the carb body. Teflon washer seals the banjo. Great fitting to use when space is limited. Fuel line is held tight to carb sides for maximum linkage clearance.
Pair - 3 Point Retractable Black (only) Seat Belts with mounting hardware. 112 inches long. Perfect for hot rods with bucket or bench seats. These come with enough mounting hardware to do more than these 2 belts. These are high quality belts for a faction of the price, due to our quality purchase. Juliano's price for 1 belt is 99.95
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