We offer Complete 6x2 Setups for Small Block Chevys!
6x2 Complete Setups 6-97's (two with choke) or 6-48's
with choke) (big logo, small logo, and no log 97's)
These come complete with progressive linkage

Built-in automatic multi-carb discounts

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6x2 Complete Setup
These are just some of the 6x2 setups we have done for our clients
930CFM at WOT!
at WOT!

OK to much but love the looks?  We can block off the 4 corner carbs
(they will look like they function) thus delivering 310CFM with 97's or
350CFM with 48's.  If we put dummy carbs on the 4 corners we'll even
knock $400 off the price.
Please keep in mind that these 6x2 setups require the use of points style distributor,
we can supply you with electronic conversion kits for the points style distributor.
Carbs - Quality re-manufactured / rebuilt carbs and
setups.  Specializing in Stromberg 97 / 48 / 81's
Mr Stromberg
Phone: 913-244-0112