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The famous Edelbrock "Super Dual" Ford flathead intake manifold. Designed for Ford and Mercury flathead engines made from 1938 to 1948. Includes offset generator bracket.
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Brass Fuel Inlet Repair Insert - These brass inserts are used to repair the damaged or stripped fuel inlet threads on Stromberg 97/81/48 bodies. Use a 33/64 drill and 9/16-18 tap or buy our complete repair kit below. (Priced each).
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Brass Fuel Inlet Repair Insert - Don't throw that precious Stromberg away because of striped fuel inlet threads repair it with our repair kit which includes insert, 9/16-18 tap, 33/64 drill bit, and instructions. This is not a helicoil this is a solid brass insert!
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Worried about trying this repair yourself?  Our staff can do it for you, just give
us a call.  We can put the insert in for you, rebuild your carb, take yours as a
core against one of our completely refurbished units, or almost anything in
between.  Just give us a call at
913-244-0112  We've done hundreds of these
carbs 2x2 setups, 3x2 setups (flathead and small block chevy) 6x2 setups.  
We know our stuff and build them the right way.  We don't just "kit" carbs, we
completely tear them down, ultra-sonically clean them, lightly bead blast them,
repair and replace parts as needed, then and only then rebuild them to proper
spec's and torque settings.  Is this time consuming YES, but it is the only way
to assure your carb comes out performing as it was designed.
Gas Alley Streetrods
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PHENOLIC CARBURETOR SPACER - These 1/4" thick spacers fit common 3 bolt base Stromberg, Holley and Ford carbs.
Stromberg Jet Wrench - Stromberg Jet Wrench - just what you need to change your new jets!
ACCELERATOR PUMP ROD - These accelerator pump rods are brand new. Fits all Stromberg 97 carburetors.
Solid Brass Fuel Fitting for Stromberg 48/81/97 5/16"
New Banjo Fittings!
3x2 Ball Bearing Progressive Low Profile Linkage - Designed for low profile manifolds such as Chevrolet, early Olds and manifolds with carb bases close to the plane of the manifold. Fully progressive with ball bearing links for smooth operation. Aluminum rods and zinc plated pivots. for Stromberg and Holley carbs
Perfect for multiple carb Strombergs 48's/81's/97's, keeps fuel lines from
getting tangled up with linkage.  Available in aluminum, Single or Double.
Banjo Fittings set up properly eliminates the need for carbs fittings, fuel block(s),
fuel block fittings, and some clamps.  
All Banjo Fittings come with neoprene washers, bolt, and solid aluminum
CARB FITTING 3/8" BANJO SINGLE New-with 3/8" hose Single banjo fitting New custom made 6061 T-6 3/8" hose barb single banjo fitting Fits all the 97-48-and 81 carbs. These will also work on the rochester or any other carb with 1/2"-20 thread. Makes a perfect job when using rubber or plastic hose. This is a great fitting to use if space for yor lines is limited. Carb not included..
CARB FITTING 3/8" BANJO DOUBLE New-with 3/8" hose Double banjo fitting New custom made 6061 T-6 3/8" hose barb double banjo fitting Fits all the 97-48-and 81 carb fuel inlets (stock needle and seats). Thes will also work with the rochester carbs or any other with 1/2-20 thread. Part has a 32 micron polished finish. Double fitting includes double banjo with banjo bolt and two teflon sealing washers. Makes a perfect job when using rubber or plastic hose. This is a great fitting to use if space for yor lines is limited. Carb not included.
Fuel Inlet Spacer for 48/81/97's or 94's - The cleanest way to plumb your multi carb set-up is to use banjo fittings. These 6061 T-6 aluminum fittings work on any carb with 1/2in-20 inlet threads. The Ford/Holley 94 carburetor will require these spacers when using banjo fuel fittings, which moves the banjo out to clear the carb body. Teflon washer seals the banjo. Great fitting to use when space is limited. Fuel line is held tight to carb sides for maximum linkage clearance.